Our Brand



Affordable infrastructure for every Pakistani citizen. A guarantee to personal and professional success.


With the world’s largest product team, itel products are an assurance of reliability, durability and superior quality in the communication technology arena.


With an itel product, you now have access to the most advanced features available. itel democratizes technology and connectivity by giving an entry point to all consumers, allowing them to get closer and benefit from social interactions.


Itel understands the needs of its customers in an in-depth manner, and translates that understanding into creating the most remarkable, yet affordable products available.



Welcome to the fastest growing mobile brand in Pakistan.

I brought itel mobile to Pakistan after they experienced massive triumph in 50 countries across the globe. The reason for their success was simple, unbelievably high quality handsets, cutting edge technology and unmatchable, extremely affordable pricing.

Amidst a milestone filled career spanning over 20 years in the mobile handset, electronic appliance and technology infrastructure industries, i was passionate about serving the intelligent Pakistani consumer with a brand that was not only progressive and top tier in terms of its quality offering, but also pocket friendly and capable of catering to the connectivity and lifestyle needs of all Pakistanis alike.

What was even more exciting was, that we launched at a time when the Prime Minister Imran Khan had embarked on the mission of Digital Pakistan Vision. We shared the same simple philosophy. Affordable and revolutionary handsets for the Pakistani consumer.

In just 3 months, itel Mobile Pakistan was able to explore exponentially successful milestones in the mobile phone arena. We are fast emerging as the preferred choice of the consumer, simply because we offer durability, reliability and strength – the key traits of success in all walks of life.

I look forward to sharing euphoric celebrations with our rapidly multiplying itel family in all parts of Pakistan. We will serve you better and enhanced experiences each time.

Together we can!

Zeeshan Yousuf