itel to Unveil Flagship Smartphone S23+ : Curved Screen Elegance and Exceptional Performance

Experience of Future of Visual Brilliance with a Mesmerizing Curved Display

Central to the itel S23+ is its remarkable 6.78-inch big FHD+ AMOLED curved screen, which takes visual excellence to new heights. The screen’s 59-degree curvature creates a mesmerizing visual experience that wraps around the edges, immersing users into their content. Boasting an impressive 93% ultra-high screen-to-body ratio, this curved screen provides immersive views that captivates the senses.

The 99% DCI-P3 color saturation, an improvement of 12% over its predecessor, ensures that colors are vibrant, accurate, and true-to-life. The contrast ratio, reaching up to an astonishing 400000:1, significantly surpasses its predecessor’s 1500:1, delivering exceptional clarity and vividness, even in challenging lighting conditions. This, combined with a high resolution of 1080×2400, delivers dynamic clarity and colorful details.       

Furthermore, the incorporation of in-display fingerprint technology adds to both convenience and security, while Corning Gorilla Glass 5 provides a superior touch experience and safeguards against accidental drops.

Seamless AI Assistant: Aivana GPT Integration

Carrying on itel OS13 system, itel S23+ will be upgraded to seamlessly integrate with the Aivana GPT voice assistant, offering automate support for voice-operated phone calls, WhatsApp, music, SMS, weather, map navigation, alarm clock, search, translation, phone settings, and more, to help you perform tasks quickly and easily using voice commands, saving you time and effort.

What’s more, itel 23+ is the first itel smartphone coming with dynamic bar, making it more convenient and seamless than ever to access crucial notifications such as battery status, incoming calls, reminders, and unlock status.

Unmatched Performance Combined with Ample Storage and Big Battery

itel S23+ redefines storage capabilities with up to 16GB of RAM and a substantial 256GB of internal storage. Its innovative Extended RAM technology leverages an additional 8GB from ROM, enabling smooth transitions between as many as 20 background apps. This guarantees seamless and efficient multitasking, even during resource-intensive activities.

Equipped with an 18W Fast Charge and a powerful 5000mAh battery, itel S23+ ensures a long-lasting standby time and quick power replenishment. With a full charge achievable in just 2 hours, users can stay connected without interruption.

Enhanced Photography Excellence to Capture Cherished Moments

The camera system features a 32MP AI Selfie lens accompanied by a remarkable 50MP Portrait Camera to capture moments in exquisite detail. With an F1.6 large aperture, the camera maximizes light intake, resulting in clear and vibrant photos even in low-light conditions. The revolutionary Eye Tracking mode guarantees that no moment goes unnoticed, facilitating the capture of impeccable portraits. Moreover, the Portrait Lite feature takes your portrait photography to new heights, by offering a suite of personalized options to meticulously enhance every aspect of your photo, from skin tone to facial features and face shape.

The launch of the itel S23+ exemplifies itel’s unwavering dedication to R&D, as well as its commitment to meeting the evolving needs of consumers in emerging markets. As itel’s first premium curved screen smartphone, S23+ marks an exciting milestone in the pursuit of pushing technological boundaries, enhancing user satisfaction and bringing innovation to a wider range of users.


itel Takes Users A New Step Celebrating its Premium Color-changing New Smartphone S23

itel, the global leading smart life brand committed to provide affordable and good quality consumer electronic products boasting excellent user experience, has officially launched its first-ever color-changing smartphone S23, which is a perfect combination of premium design and reliable features through large memory efficiency and smooth using experience.

itel first-ever color-changing backboard design

itel is very confident to bring users a highly fashionable smartphone with color-changing rear panel. itel S23 white edition features a photochromic layer on the rear because of which it automatically changes color from mystery white to dreamy pink under sunlight or UV rays. Its exquisite design and the 3D composite panel ablaze with liveliness and beauty, helps to show your classy style.

A combination of overall high-efficient experience

itel S23 comes with 6.6” HD+ waterdrop display, achieving 91% screen-to-body ratio. Its 90Hz high refresh rate brings an excellent fluent viewing and 120Hz responsive touch rate can give users a more seamless experience when scrolling or playing games.

S23 is powered by 256/128+8 GB large memory, big storage to save more daily applications and more than 30000 photos. 8GB big RAM to offer faster and smoother system operation. Also 8+8 GB memory fusion can effectively integrate 8GB ROM space to RAM running space, providing ultra-high performance with less latency.

For battery life, the pre-embedded 5000mAh sizable battery, combined with 10W Type-C charging, can support up to 15 hours of social media feeds and 112 hours music playback time.

50MP Ultra clear camera for saving extremely wonderful moments

In terms of shooting functions, S23 50MP rear camera allows you to take each image with incredible details, vivid color, and stunning clarity. What’s more, it carries out various of shooting modes, including super night mode, ultra HD mode and HDR mode, help you become your own director of your life.

Other mentions

S23 provide face and side fingerprint double sensor unlock to ensure user security.

S23 equip with 8-core Processor, supporting 4G stable network.

itel OS 8.6 operating experience.

Combines fashionable style with functions through its storage, battery efficiency, and overall smooth performance, S23 is going to surprise the market with affordable price!


itel P40 Smartphone Featuring Powerful Performance

itel, a reliable smart life brand unveils its newest 4G smartphone P40, with a bunch of worth mentioning features and long-lasting power performance.

Powerful Battery to Bring Long-lasting Entertainment

To start with it, itel P40 draws power from 6000mAh mega battery, which can ensure super long usage time and long-lasting entertainment experience, supporting 15 days standby, 32 hours calling, 62 hours music playing and 8 hours gaming time. Along with its 18W Type C fast charge, users can experience more daily usage benefits of fast charging, engaging 2 hours chatting in 10 minutes charging. P40 also embedded with AI Power Master, itel’s intelligent battery lab, which can optimize battery performance and maximize its battery life and efficiency.

Bigger Storage and Bigger Screen to Gain Smoother Performance

Compared to the previous itel P series smartphone, this new series P40 has the memory upgrade to support large data storage and multiple applications switch. It offers two memory model choices: 128+8GB* and 64+7GB*, to store more than 26000 photos and bigger RAM to boost smoother performance with less latency. Meanwhile, its Memory Fusion Function can effectively integrate Extra ROM space to RAM, extending to 8GB running space.

For screen, P40 comes with the 6.6” HD+ WaterDrop display, features 90% screen-to-body ratio and 72% colorfulness, which can push perfect colors and resolution to the higher edge. Its better screen makes all your content look true to life.

Clearer Rear Camera to Save Every Detailed Moment

In terms of camera, P40 is packed with a clearer 13MP rear camera compared to the last generation, to clarify every details of our highlight moments. Also it carries out with various of shooting modes, including Pro Mode, Panorama Mode and Time-lapse Mode. Smarter shooting experience to create more valuable videos and make users become their own life director.

Concerned with its energetic design, P40’s pattern is inspired by racing tracks, the trending stripe design brings a sense of speed and energy. P40 goes for three colors: Force Black, Dreamy Blue and Luxurious Gold.

P40, regarding as itel’s P series flagship model, presents strong energy with its 6000mAh mega battery and upgraded storage and HD+ display. Offering better value-for-money proposition, it features powerful performance in a affordable price to satisfy young users’ entertainment experience in emerging markets.


itel New Smartphone A60s Guarantees Smoother Experience

itel, the global leading smart life brand committed to provide affordable and good quality consumer electronic products boasting excellent user experience, has officially revealed its most cost-effective 4G smartphone A60s.

This new member of itel Awesome series, defined to be a 4G high-speed network popularize smartphone, A60s allows consumers to enjoy a faster and smoother experience when browsing and scrolling videos. In addition, the multi-band 4G signal also brings a more stable phone calls.

Regarded as the best cost-effective smartphone, itel A60s has such confidence mainly for several reasons. First of all, it comes with a 6.6″ HD+ Waterdrop FullView screen, providing you a clear and vivid view with bigger vision. Also its 90% screen-to-body ratio, further allows you step into a immersive visual world.

In addition, drawing power from a 5000mAh high-capacity battery, A60s can highly meet users’ demand for 31-day long standby time, 26-hour calling time and 112-hour music entertainment time, let users get rid of power anxiety. Furthermore, itel A60s is equipped with 128+8GB (4GB Extended RAM) big memory, which gives users enough space to store favorite photos and videos. It’s loaded with the latest Android 12 (Go edition) features bringing a smoother operating experience for daily use.

Concerned with its design, it comes with two colors including shadow black & glacier green. With its stereoscopic pattern backboard and textured right-angle edges, it shows us the enchanted balance between stylish appearance and comfortable grip.

itel, following its reliable and affordable smart life brand position, has invested a lot of effort into better technology upgrades of hardware and software, to guarantee its consumers together enjoy better life. This time, itel’s excellent performance and its close relationship with local operators and carriers give this newly launched model A60s a great chance to win the same budget market competition when it guarantees everyone’s high-speed 4G network.

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