• itel is a global success and renowned international best-selling brand
  • itel is extremely popular all over the world and very beloved in Pakistan
  • Pakistanis are fans of the itel brand and products because of the amazing quality and unbelievable prices
  • Every minute there is a new itel consumer added to the millions that are enjoying life better with itel
  • itel is known around the world for the best quality products with no complaints or problems
  • The international brand has strict quality control checks which means perfection in products
  • To a lot of people itel is a miracle due to the quality they get for the absolutely unbelievably low prices
  • itel has quickly made its way into people’s hearts and homes
  • itel is now a household brand present in every home
  • The brand has the biggest network of service centers with the lowest claims made due to the extremely high quality of the products
  • During Covid 19, all businesses took a hit but itel sold 6000,000 phones
  • Other companies can only sell between 1000,000 to 120,0000
  • The brand’s tagline is ‘Enjoy Better Life’ and they really make their consumers lives better and much more enjoyable through comfortable, stress free technology experiences
  • itel is a trendsetter for all to follow in the industry locally and internationally, be it in terms of the creativity or innovation that the brand brings to the front for the consumers. Itel is leading the way for the whole industry.
  • CEO Zeeshan Yousuf said, “I am proud and humbled at the same time with how much we have achieved in just one year. By the grace of the Almighty, we are the largest selling mobile phone brand continuing the global legacy of the brand. In these times, there is already stress everywhere. My main aim is for every Pakistani to have a stress free experience with top-notch technology and actually enjoy a better life with itel. “
  • Itel also actively participates in giving back to the community announcing a CSR partnership with The Citizen’s Foundation.
  • itel’s vision is in line with the Prime Minister’s vision of a Digital Pakistan.
  • itel has big plans for 2021 including additions of Audio, Television and Computers to their super successful portfolio

Main Bhi Pakistan Hoon

Itel bhi Pakistan hai. itel has been ticking all the checks of patriotism and local excellence since its entry in Pakistan. The brand’s objective from the get go has been to empower and strengthen the local economy furthering the vision of the Prime Minister Imran Khan for a digital Pakistan by introducing a plethora of international standard, super affordable, top quality technology products. The entry of itel has not only been a pleasant addition for the local consumer but also an example for businesses looking to find entry in the market by creating benchmarks of performance and best practices and going through all legal procedures.

Crossing one milestone after the other with exponential growth, less than a year into its launch, the brand has over 600 master dealers on board along with alliances with the top local distributors. The brand is also setting up factories in Pakistan, which amounts to significant investment to create a large number of employment opportunities. itel already boasts an impressive family of 10,000 employees and growing, the brand has picked up local talent from local institutions and across industries to handle their operations here.

The brand’s communication has been star studded too, The brand has collaborated with well renowned celebrities like Humayun Saeed, Hira Mani, Iqra Aziz, Mawra Hocane, Urwa Hocane and Jawed Sheikh to name a few. The brand also features content by Ali Sethi and Ali Zafar. They have been very vocal about using local celebrities and media personalities to promote and represent their products. Itel has always celebrated their partnerships in the local entertainment industry and proudly promoted them from their own platforms as well.

itel has also entered the brick and mortar arena with the launch of their flagship Boutique in the city of lights. Located in the heart of Karachi, the Boutique is designed according to international standards. The brand personnel have been groomed and trained by top of the line brand advisors including stylists, designers and image consultants. Itel has raised the benchmark of consumer experience with the outlet that is a beautiful showcase of international standards and technology and also a complete experience zone available to everyone. With its increasing presence, itel aims to not only create its footprint in terms of a business but also a sense of community across platforms wherever the brand goes.

CEO Zeeshan Yousuf said, “The main reason of bringing a well renowned, successful technology brand to Pakistan was to contribute in the vision of Digital Pakistan in a way that it not only empowers the economy but also to inculcate the learnings and best practices that come with a global brand locally. It gives me great pride to know that in the short tenure of itel’s presence in Pakistan, we have set benchmarks in terms of doing the best locally and showing that when we invest sincerely in our country, we can be the force of change required to move forward towards prosperity. From job opportunities to investments and social responsibility, all our actions and strategies are rooted in the love for Pakistan. We have always identified as a Pakistani brand and feel that we are more Pakistani than some of the other brands, in that, we think, do and promote everything Pakistan, which is clear in our intentions and actions both. We will keep striving to make technology and high quality products affordable and accessible for every Pakistani. “

These are just some of the many steps itel has taken to strengthen the local economy and empower local buyers and sellers. It goes to show the brand’s values to support and invest in Pakistan and their commitment to provide the best to the Pakistani consumer covering all aspects. The brand is dedicated to set up and flourish in the Pakistani market through proper channels and abiding by all local laws and sanctions, setting an example for all new entrants.

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