itel and Global Soccer Ventures (GSV) strike strategic partnership in international football development and as technology partner for
Pakistan to Enjoy Better Life.
2022 is the year of itel Pakistan. We are Pakistan’s most loved tech company because we consistently offer the best quality, highest specs
and honest prices.
With four winning categories all acing your homes and hearts we have trumped the markets for mobile phones, accessories and gadgets,
audio systems and television.
itel is all set to kick off football fever all over Pakistan. We are very excited to share the same platform with Global Soccer Ventures (GSV)
as the official sponsor of NexGentrials and confirm how itel is to bring a huge change in football when Pakistan Football League kicks off –
Aur Ab Football Hoga!
Zeeshan Yousuf, CEO of itel said: “The world’s most popular sport with 4 billion fans around the world is about ignite Pakistan’s football. It
is the most spectacular and universal sport. What excites me the most about this legacy project of GSV is the prospect of changing lives of
20 successful kids will be on a life-changing journey to Europe. Pakistani talent has the once in a lifetime opportunity to get groomed and
secure professional contracts to take on the world, as they get set to represent Pakistan internationally. How fantastic is that”.
Michael Owen, said: “My life changed for better through football and so it’s time to enjoy better life Pakistan”.
Zabe Khan, CEO of GSV said: “Football is a life changing sport for any one and I am really privileged to witness how itel is playing an
instrumental role for Pakistan’s football players to develop as professionals and Enjoy Better Life”
Garrett Kelleher President of St Patrick’s Athletic Football club said: “I am delighted to see how football is becoming part of everyday life
and how 20 players from Pakistan to visit Ireland and Enjoy Better Life through football”
Yasir Mahmood, Chairman of GSV said: “It’s an immense pleasure to see brands like itel embrace football, the world’s most dynamic game
deserves a dynamic forward looking technology partner and itel fits the line up perfectly to kick off football for the benefit of Pakistan to
Enjoy Better Life”.
Mike Farnan, CEO of Redstrike and COO of GSV and former Manchester United International CEO said: “I am delighted to welcome
Pakistan’s tech leader to the world of football, its all about bringing change in a market with football at the heart of our hearts and minds
only to use football as a better means to Enjoy Better Life”.
Saqib Rafiq Chaudhry, CFO of GSV said: “Everyone eats, drinks, sleep football all over the world, Pakistan should be no exception and our
youth deserves a to Enjoy Better Life with the world’s most watched and loved sport. I welcome itel as a valued partner and I look forward
to collaborating with a tech market leader”.
Zeeshan Yousuf went on to conclude on the importance if injecting a new lifeline into youth with football and said: “I nominate Abdullah
Zeeshan, a crazy soccer fan and an even better gaming teen muse who will represent itel Pakistan kicking off this phenomenon in our
country. So let’s kick off for a better future in football”.
Enjoy Better Life!

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