The winning mobile phone brand, itel signs the dashing winner of the hearts of Pakistan Farhan Saeed!

The uber successful actor, singer and model, is a leading sensation in the entertainment industry. His style, charm and persona coupled with stellar talent has made a mark in the industry and carved out a unique place in the hearts and minds of the audience. He indeed is one of the icons in Pakistan adored by thousands of fans for his ever-fascinating class and elegance like no other.

Keeping Farhan’s charismatic aura in mind, itel is proud to collaborate with a celebrity that embodies style and aesthetics of its phone series.

The campaign is imbued with a powerful sense of what Vision means and Farhan will be seen embodying the essence of the upcoming Vision 1 Pro, which stands for excellence in performance, competence, character, and the definition of top class leadership. The campaign is reflective of the values and goals of the brand and perfectly summarizes the ultimate vision. From concept to execution, the collaboration and content of the campaign is sure to dazzle the audience and set a tone for communication of a global standard.

Speaking on the occasion, CEO itel, Zeeshan Yousuf said,
“As an international brand in Pakistan, which is a world recognized, fast growing phenomenon with presence in more than 50 countries, our aim is to strengthen our roots locally and invest in the vision we share with the PM Pakistan for a Digital Pakistan. We inculcate our values in all of the communication that we share. Vision 1 Pro is a depiction of leadership and values par excellence that are the core of my business and brand. We are excited to consistently offer unmatched value propositions into the market and have set the attitude of the Pakistani consumer to expect more. This is the ultimate vision.”
itel’s smart phones truly stand out because of their phenomenal functionality and quality . The entire category offers the best of specs and design tech for a value never heard of before. The products are not just functionally exceptional but also aesthetically outstanding with each series having its own unique allure.

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