itel Launches Its Magical Range Of Smart Television – Bringing The Magic Of Entertainment To Every Home

[Lahore]: Itel Pakistan has made 10 million Pakistanis happy in just over a year. The new smart televisions are designed to elevate the home entertainment experience with a bigger, brighter, and best viewing experience. Building on its impressive successful story, Itel announced its entry into the highly competitive TV market with the launch of its television series, designed to crash the stock market as it comes packed with solid technology features offering uncompromised viewing experience at breakthrough price points.

The launch builds on itel’s focus on democratizing technology for masses and making a magical experience come alive for its customers providing reliable, affordable and lifestyle upgrading gadgets. Their people trust them! Which is why all Itel categories are super successful in their own domains. They have launched mobile phones, tech accessories and audio products all with extreme success.

Now, using the fantastic R&D available to itel they are launching the most fantastic Smart TV series available today for the Pakistani consumer. Large screens with bezel less experience, meaning a cinematic viewing of your favorite apps like Netflix and YouTube, right in your homes! Be it gaming experience or watching your favorite sports it will provide you with amazing experience right in your homes. That too at unbelievable prices with unbeatable service and warranty offers. Of course, with the same reliable itel quality. Always.

Established in 2013, Inovi Technologies is a fast-growing consumer electronics company that distributes smartphones, feature phones, cameras, TVs an audio product for various brands locally. On this occasion, Mr. Zeeshan Mianoor, the CEO of Inovi Technologies spoke about his ambition to bring the latest technology to Pakistan and give local consumer high quality products at affordable prices. He said

“We are excited to partner with itel because it’s internationally the fastest growing brand that is offering great quality products in the market and is poised to grow in the times ahead. Mr. Zeeshan Yousuf has vast experience in the consumer electronics industry and will surely take the company to even greater heights.”

Speaking at the ceremony, CEO itel Zeeshan Yousuf said,

“10 Million customers in the first year of operations! What I’m happier about is the fact that, these are 1 crore HAPPY customers. Customers who are in love with itel products, the brand philosophy, and the quality upgrade we bring to their lives.”

“Small and rural districts in Pakistan now have access to the leading technology and specs in the world all thanks to itel.”

“Small and rural districts in Pakistan now have access to the leading technology and specs in the world all thanks to itel.”

“In just a little over a year, we have introduced to itel brand loyalists the most fantastic mobile phone sets, tech gadgets and accessories and audio products. Television is a wonderful, big addition to the itel family. We enjoy superb R&D at Transsion and are consistently driven to providing the Pakistani consumer with top notch tech products.” “This is exactly why GFK reports mark itel as Pakistan’s most loved tech brand.”

Both companies are geared up to bring the best global technology to Pakistan and improve accessibility for the local consumers.

Itel is a brand focused on empowering the youth, providing affordable infrastructure while using the most cutting-edge technology available in the 21st century to empower users and guarantee personal and professional success. With an itel product, you now have access to the most advanced features available. Itel standardizes technology and connectivity by giving an entry point to all consumers, allowing them to get closer and benefit from social interactions as Itel understand the needs of their customers in an in-depth manner, and they translate that understanding into creating the most remarkable, yet affordable products available for them.

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